Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


We recommend ordering your suit around 8 weeks out from your show date. During our busy times, your suit can take about 6 weeks and we want to make sure that you have your competition bikini with plenty of time!


Since all of our suits are custom made to your specific measurements, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. We offer a full-money back guarantee if your order is cancelled within 24 hours of your original order, otherwise we begin work on your suit right away.


Most of our orders are shipped within 5 weeks of your original order date. If it is a busy time of year, it may take up to six weeks before you receive your suit. 

Yes! You can visit our order status page, or text "update" to (833) 539-3513. Once it's shipped you'll recieve an email with your USPS Priority Shipping info, which includes a tracking number.

Posing suits are usually shipped within two weeks of your order date. You can check the status of your order anytime by texting update to (833) 539-3513, or checking our order status page. 

We can help you! We offer a special RUSH construction for an additional $50. Your suit will be shipped within 2 weeks of your order. If you need overnight shipping, contact us at


We ask for your height, bra size, high hip, under bust and rise. We also have videos of how to take your measurements on Instagram and TikTok @jewellcustombikinis

We have 6 different top sizes to give you the perfect fit! We recommend a small if you are under 5'0" and haven't had a breast augmentation. A small plus will fit petite women betweeen 5'0" and 5'2". A medium will fit most women between 5'2" and 5'8" wearing an A, B or C cup. A large is recommended for women 5'6" or taller with cup size D or larger implants. A large + is for women who want a bit more coverage for larger implants. 

A "Micro" cut bottom is the least amount of coverage available. This is recommended for our Nationally Qualified athletes in NPC, or IFBB pros. Make sure you talk to your coach before selecting this coverage. A "Mini" cut is the least amount of coverage for typical NPC athletes. This would be considered a 'Pro' cut. A "Cheeky" cut bottom is our most popular option, offering 1/2" more coverage on each glute than our Mini coverage. Our "Moderate" cut bottom is the most conservative coverage, offering 1" more coverage on each glute than our Mini coverage. Most natural athletes with 50% coverage requirements will want to select our moderate cut. 

Our regular triangle tops are made to be be adjustable. If it is too small, simply remove some of the padding. You can also stretch out the top completely along the under bust. If it is too large, add more padding or stuffing, and gather it slightly along the under bust.