Why Choose Jewell?

Top 4 Reasons to Have Jewell Make Your Next Competition Suit

bikini competition suit navy

1.  Every suit is made by a trained costume designer, so you can be sure your suit is the perfect fit.

Our owner, Jaclyn, has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre, and went to grad school for Costume Design. Erica, our other owner, has competed previously, so she knows all the ins and outs of the stage!

2. We use only the highest quality fabrics and luxury materials to construct your suit.

We buy fabric and connectors from the USA, and use only luxury crystals on our suits.

3. We offer face-to-face or video consultations to help you design your suit.

Whether you're in town or not, we can work together to create a beautiful suit.

4. We're more affordable than many other companies!

Why pay more when Jewell can offer so much?

Try us, and you'll be a gem for life!



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