Our Current Athletes

Kelsey Gochnauer

sponsored bikini competitorHi! My name is Kelsey Gochnauer. I am from Kansas City, MO. I went to school at University of Central Arkansas where I was a Div. 1 Women's Soccer player. I love being active and outdoors.  College soccer was where my passion for the gym began (even though we had a love/hate relationship at the time). During the summer months I was fortunate enough to work with a personal trainer preparing for the season. During our spring season I was able to work with our strength and conditioning coach; who competed and at that time I wasn't really sure what exactly he did.  The college days came and went. After college, I moved back to KC. When I moved home I was truly unhappy with my "post athlete body" and woke up one day, decided I wanted to change, found a gym and never looked back. Through the gym and work I met friends who competed and wanted to get me into the sport. At the time I wasn't sure if it was for me, if I had that confidence, if I could ever even look like "those girls". Winter of 2014 I was finally convinced and decided my New Years Resolution would be to get on stage.

May of 2015 I stepped on stage for my first show. I was hooked. I did it. April 2016 I stepped on stage for my second show, but my first show for the NANBF. I stepped on stage for the third time May 2017.

I am coached by Cody Maupin in the Kansas City Area.

I am so thankful for fitness in my life because it has helped me grow into a stronger, well rounded individual who knows she can face anything life throws at her because it may be hard, but there's beauty and strength that comes when things get hard.


Sahricka Eng

sponsored figure competitorMy name is Sahricka Eng, and I was an exercise science major, and have a minor in psychology and sociology. I got into fitness after I cheered in college.  I did my first figure NPC show in 2014, placing 4th in open and 1st in novice in Oklahoma.  From there, I took the overall at the next NPC show I did for novice and 2nd in the open in a local Kansas City show. I then did a Me vs Me show and won the overall in open and collegiate category for Figure. I also won individual awards such as best back, best upper body, best lower body, best abdominals, and muscularity. From there, I competed in another local NPC show and took home the overall. I am now in an off season and focusing on my body and health, and then I will be prepping for nationals and debuting my fitness routine in the fitness category. 


Brieanna Dixon

Hey everyone, my name is Brieanna Dixon and I'm super excited to announce that I have been chosen to be a part of Jewell Custom Bikinis!  Here is a little back story on my competition history.  I started competing in 2016 at the age of 21. I have competed in 9 shows, and as of 2018, I have placed top 5 in 2 of the shows, received 2nd place in 3 of them, and got 2nd call outs in 2 of them. This is only the beginning for me. Stay tuned to see what beautiful suit Jewell Custom Bikinis and I will come up with next!


Kristy Fugate