5 Things You Didn't Know About Show Day

You've put in the work with a 12, 16 or even 20 week prep, plus all the time you spent building in the gym. It's the night before your first show and you're feeling nervous. Read on to find 5 things you didn't know about show day so you can wake up knowing you have thought of everything!

1. The other competitors are usually really helpful.

Many of them will have competed before, and they know that basically everyone is in the same boat. The other competitors will help you clip into your suit or tie it tighter if you need. All the work is already done, and nobody wants to see anyone flop onstage. You may even meet your new best friend!

2. It's hot backstage. Like, really hot!

You might worry you'd get cold since you're at your lowest body fat and all you have on is a bikini, but add in those stage lights and the backstage is burning up! You'll end up spending a lot of time waiting and you don't want your tan to drip, so be prepared it's going to be warm. 

3. A lot of people drink alcohol backstage.

Whether it's to help calm their nerves, or improve their vascularity, don't be surprised if you see people drinking backstage. You may even be offered a shot of something. It's going to be straight vodka, red wine, or fireball, so watch out!

4. Bring lounge stuff.

Again, there's a lot of sitting and waiting-especially if it's a large show. You'll want to be comfortable while you're laying around backstage, so many people bring pillows and blankets. Just make sure what you cover up with can be washed, because it'll definitely have tan stains on it. 

5. Always wear fake eyelashes.

Whether you're doing your makeup yourself or having it professionally done, never step on stage without fake eyelashes. The stage lights are so bright that they'll wash out your features. You need super dramatic lashes so your eyes don't fade away on stage. 

What other things surprised you on show day?