Are You Ready to Prep for Your First Competition?

You’ve done some research, maybe you’ve been working out for awhile and are looking to push yourself physically and mentally. Making the commitment to compete in a bikini competition can be difficult. But, now what do you do?
We’ve put together a list of the basic questions you’ll need to answer and some things to consider as you work toward your dream of stepping onstage.
bikini competition
Where will you get your food?
-You can prep it yourself or order from a company familiar with bodybuilder’s unique dietary needs.
Who’s planning your meals?
-You can DIY it, or speak to a dietician or coach.
What’s your diet method?
-IIFYM (stands for if it fits your macros) or flexible dieting.
Who’s designing your work outs?
-Again, DIY is an option, but judges are looking for tight, lean, muscular and symmetrical women.
What areas of your body need to grow (and shrink)?
-Be honest with yourself!
How much money are you willing to spend?
-Competing can be expensive, but you don't have to break the bank to step on stage.
-There are a ton of federations, NPC, NANBF, OCB, WBFF just to name a few. Do some research and find which federation is going to fit your body and your goals the best.
What color will suit you the best?
-Check out our post on finding the best color for your skin here.
What’s your budget?
-You don’t need to spend a ton to get a dazzling bikini!
We’ve got you covered with a printable checklist here!