Top 3 Mistakes Competitors Make With Their Suit

Ask any judge, and they will tell you that your suit has no bearing on how you place, but we know that isn't always true. While they are not giving first place to the competitor with the most sparkly suit, the fit and cut of the suit will absolutely affect how your physique appears onstage. Here are three of the most common mistakes competitors make when wearing their suit, and here's how to avoid them.
1. Your bottom connectors are too low. When putting on your suit, many of us automatically wear the connectors low across our hips. This can make your torso appear longer and your legs look shorter. Pull them up so they rest on the top of your hip bone, and look at those legs for days! In the pictures of Bree below, she has an amazing physique in both, but look how long her legs look, and how balanced her physique is, just from pulling the connectors up higher. 
bikini competitor
2.Your top is too big. If you’ve chosen not to get a custom fitted bikini, this is a risk you’ll take when you step onstage. A top that's too big can make your proportions look off. You can stuff it with lots of padding, but ultimately, if your top is large enough that it’s covering your lats, or the top is pulled up to your collarbone, you need a smaller top. The judges need to be able to see your physique to judge it. We offer a sliding triangle top that will adjust to hit you in just the right places.
3. A bottom that’s too small. It will ride WAY too far up until your suit is tucked into your butt. It’s not flattering, and not good for enhancing your symmetry.  Investing in a custom suit just makes sense to show off all the hard work you’ve put in during prep.  You can be disqualified for not enough glute coverage!
Once you have the perfect fitting suit, feel confident and amazing onstage to show off all your hard work! You deserve it!
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