One Food Does Not Fit All

Chicken and asparagus and sweet potato? For the rest of your life? Or even worse, tilapia? *Blegh* Not only does that sound boring and really hard to continue, but is it really necessary?
meal prep for bikini competition
You should never be turned down to prep because of dietary restrictions. Whether it’s a preference to be gluten free or something as serious as Celiacs Disease. You are a vegetarian but have been told how you HAVE to eat chicken or turkey in order to meet your daily protein intake? What about vegan? All of these choices/dietary restrictions come with plenty of options. All YOU need to do is a little bit of research.
Choosing a knowledgeable coach is one of the most important tips for a successful prep. Often, women will choose a coach based on popularity, or name recognition, and not qualifications. Just because a coach has previously competed, or works out often, or has a personal training certification, does not mean they know how to write a meal plan to prep a competitor safely for a bikini or figure competition. Read about how to find a qualified coach here.
Weed through the broscience, the reluctance to accept new scientific nutritional findings, and get yourself a qualified person who can help you accomplish all of your goals, in the way that YOU want. You hired them, you can fire them.
Don’t exclude yourself from accomplishing such an amazing pursuit as competing, simply because you choose to put a different source of energy into your body. And for those of you who prefer to “eat clean,” more power to you, but there are other options, and you may be surprised at the difference it can make to your overall health later in life.